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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Sheepskin Rug - John Lewis / Wooden Tray - H&M / White Mirror - Ikea / Black Lantern - H&M / Kitchen Cart - eBay / Grey Cushion - H&M / White Cushion - H&M / Gold Lantern - H&M

Currently I am obsessed with trying to update my flat and making it look Pinterest ready - which is very hard to do when you live in a rented flat with limited furniture and colour scheme. Thus I am trying to collect lots of things that will aid in my mission. Eventually I do hope to be able to save enough to afford our own place so for now I'm just trying to make the best of what I have. 

So without realising it I think majority of the items are from H&M, they have really been improving their homewear variety recently and I've fallen in love with more than a few pieces. My key pieces are definitely these metal lanterns which would look great together on my dining table, alongside this wooden tray. I love having loads of candles in my flat, especially the pillar ones, so having a tray for them to all sit on together is a great way of displaying them. It is also nice to update the cushions on my couch to keep the room looking fresh and modern. I think I need to replace some of the inner cushions as they have begun to lose shape after all the wear that they get, so I'm excited to buy some new covers for them too. 

I really need a new mirror for the flat too, especially one that is large enough that you are able to see your whole outfit in, this cheap one from ikea is great as it can be wall mounted as well as just lean against the wall if you don't want to make any holes. 

Also how amazing is this sheepskin rug??? Every time I see it I say that I really want to buy it, but always put it off as its not something I really need. Not only is this the softest thing you will feel in ages, but it is also amazing value compared to similar items on the market - it's only £35. The grey colour is my favourite as its something I haven't seen before but I do love the classic cream too. 

Lastly, I have been looking for a storage alternative for my kitchen, we live in an open plan kitchen/livingroom area with limited storage so I wanted to find something that is not only practical but also would look great in the room. This is a great compromise as it has just enough concealed storage and can be moved easily to where I need it. 

What are your favourite home items?
Blog soon little ones.

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