Lust List #14

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

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Yes this lust list is all about getting summer ready. Not only am I obsessed with the sun after being away on holiday for two weeks but I find myself really wanting to look for some new bikinis. I always think its a great idea just to refresh your summer wardrobe by buying bikinis that are really versatile. Typically I like to have a few which are block colours in classic styles which are easy to mix and match with more patterned or bright colours. 

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I'm really in love with all of these swimsuits, but especially 3 & 4. I think they look like they would be such a flattering shape to wear on the beach and around the pool. Tops which are comfy and not too padded are something that can be quite hard to find, as many high street bikinis seems to have so much padding to emphasise your assets which really doesn't appeal to me. As you can see they are all quite similar shapes as I've found this really suits my body type. 

Do you love these bikinis?
Blog soon little ones. 

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