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Saturday, 9 April 2016

So I haven't been able to post for a while because I was in BARBADOS! I had planned to try and blog whilst I was away but the internet in our villa was pretty slow and very temperamental so I couldn't get the chance. As soon as I got back I went straight to work and have been catching up with sleep and such things ever since. So here is Barbados in a nutshell. 

The island was unbelievably beautiful and I cannot stress enough how much that everyone should go if they ever get the chance. We originally flew into Bridgetown and spent quite a lot of our time there as it was where the sailing competition was being held that my boyfriend's sister was competing in. Although we chose to stay in Holetown, which I was incredibly we did. Bridgetown is great for the hustle and bustle but Holetown is where the best beaches and restaurants are. 

Go to... 
Daphnes for a beachside dinner. Although slightly more expensive the food definitely lived up to the price. I'd recommend the antipasto board to start. We also tried Lonestar another recommended place to eat on the island, for its famous Sunday lunch. The setting was incredible, as you can see from the picture on the right and the food great, for us the service really let the whole experience down. Limegrove mall is fantastic for places to eat, you should also check out the Fusion rooftop bar - go for when the sun is setting for a fantastic view.

Don't go to...
The Animal Flower Cave, not only were there no animal flowers, aka sea anemones, but we had the most expensive lunch which was school dinner standard. If you are planning on a Catamaran trip don't use Cool Runnings or Tiami, although they might be highly rated they pack people on and there is very little room to move around. We went with Elegance and they were extremely courteous and fantastic. 

Would you or have you visited?
Blog soon little ones.

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