What to wear - Oslo in Winter

Friday, 5 February 2016

As some of you may know, earlier on this year during January I got the chance to visit my best friend in Oslo where she lives. I'd never been to Norway before but prepared myself for the famous cold weather that everyone talks about. Obviously getting some style tips and inside information about what to wear before hand really helped, so thought I would create a post to let everyone else know. The average temperature in Olso during January are between 3 to -7 degrees centigrade, so wrapping up warm is essential. As I had never really been to anywhere cold before on holiday, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Yes we get pretty cold temperatures in the UK but it doesn't often drop below freezing. So imagine my surprise when I saw the forecast is to be about -12 when I was there and lots of snow. 

I would definitely recommend a good pair of winter boots, if you have a pair of snow boots - great! But if you don't and want to be still slightly style conscious, I opted for a pair of Ugg Bonham Chelsea boots. These are fantastic because not only do they look great on paired with pretty much anything but they also have a great sole for walking in snowy/icy conditions and are sheepskin lined for the ultimate cosy feet!

Mittens are another must for the cold weather. Although it may not seem like you'd need them believe me after being outside for about 2 minutes your hands will start to nip without them. The same goes for a headband or warm hat, you don't want your ears to get cold. I would recommend taking a couple of pairs of your favourite jeans and a couple of cute stylish jumpers to pair with. 

Ultimately the most useful item that you can take with you is a really warm jacket. Going in and out of shops or into a restaurant means you don't want to have a million layers that you have to take off, its much easier to have one really big coat that does the trick. Ideally I would recommend something like a Woolrich Arctic Parka or a Canada Goose Chelsea Parka however I know these might not be in everyones budget and they are still very controversial over their use of real fur. I have included a couple of cheaper alternatives which would be just as great to take. 

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