Holiday Essentials

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

As you all probably know, I have been planning and getting ready to head on holiday for a couple of weeks and I wouldn't be able to go without some essentials. For me, these are: Insect repeller, sun tan lotion, after sun and a few others. Ever since I was young I have always used P20 as its a lotion that you only have to put on once no matter how many times you head into the pool or sea. As a young child always in and out of the water this seemed amazing that we would only have to go through the laborious task of putting on sun screen only once. The waiting time for the sun lotion to start working is nearly half of what it used to be, so that's even better! I have also been hearing a lot about some sun screens that can prolong and help active the tanning process so thought I would try the Nivea Protect and Bronze sun lotion for my next holiday. I love having a tan, so I'm really excited to try something which will help me get one safely whilst still protecting my skin. 

As always no matter how safe you can be with your skin, sometimes you do need a little after sun to soothe your skins after a long day in the sun. I have both the traditional Nivea after sun lotion and an in-shower one to try to help keep my skin healthy and moisturised.  I've never been to Greece before but after reading some trip advisor reviews it did say that sometimes there can be some mosquitos to watch out for, therefore a trusty insect repellent was essential for this trip. I opted for a Boots Tropical Strength insect repellent

What are some of your holiday essentials?
Blog soon little ones.


  1. Sun cream is a must of course!

  2. This makes me want to go on vacation! One of my staples is the 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden because it does double duty and I can use it for so many different things!