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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

So I stumbled across The Daily Edited on one of my many Instagram purges, I regularly spend ours trawling through the explore page and was so excited to come across this brand. The Australian brand offers a variety of stationary and leathers which can all be customised. I love the idea that you can monogram your initials or any word onto a number of different pouches, travel wallets, phone cases and card holders. These would be great as gifts, I'm already thinking about giving them to a few friends come Christmas time as they are so cute and I love how personal they feel. 

Right now I am really loving the Taupe Travel Wallet, I have a holiday booked away to Corfu with a few flights to get there and this would be perfect to hold all of my travel documents in. I have been looking for a really pretty leather travel wallet for a while, and nothing has been catching my eye until this one. Being long enough to fit my boarding passes was definitely something that was a major deciding factor for me so I am hoping to order this one in the future. 

Have you heard of The Daily Edited before?
Blog soon little ones. 

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  1. It's a beautiful Instagram account. I love how they lay out their images!