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Friday, 6 March 2015

This wishlist looks so dark! I swear I didn't plan it intentionally. I recent bought a pair of light denim jeans from H&M whilst I was over in Texas and have been living in them ever since. I have been meaning to invest into a new pair of black jeans for ages and really liked the look of these high-rise H&M ones. They are also on sale - they should be £29.99 but are half price! I really love most of their stock as I can always find something I love - the only trouble I can have with ordering from them online is the deliver seems to take forever! 

I also loved the idea of ordering a couple of t-shirts. I tend to live in tees or jumpers and jeans as they are comfortable and stylish without having to put too much effort in selecting what to wear that day. Monochrome staple pieces like these are always great for any wardrobe as they never go out of style. This black t-shirt is currently on offer - it should normally be £7.99. 

This lace body is something I fell in love instantly. I'm not really sure when I would ever wear this - possibly on holiday under a really loose fitting t-shirt and shorts. But just saying that I had it in my wardrobe would make me happy. I have been really loving the laid back lingerie that has been coming through recently. 

Like I have said in a number of previous posts I have been trying to get fit and healthy by eating better and going to the gym regularly. I have finally joined after procrastinating for months so now there is not excuse not to go. This does however mean I need new gym stuff so these black running pants would be great for me. 

What are you loving from H&M?
Blog soon little ones. 

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