Everyday Jewellery

Thursday, 26 February 2015

I always get a lot of compliments on my everyday accessories so though I should write a little post on them. I tend to wear these wherever I am going and hate to leave the house without them. These include a Olivia Burton rose-gold watch and two rings I received as gifts when I was a lot younger from my grandparents. 

The watch I featured on a wish list quite a while back before Christmas which you can find here. Obviously my boyfriend took notice and very thoughtfully bought me it for Christmas. When I opened it up I was so surprised and couldn't thank him enough. It had been sold out online but somehow he managed to track it down. I have been really obsessed with rose-gold jewellery recently and thought the watch looked even better in person once I had developed my tan in Texas. 

The two rings pictured are part of a three ring set, as I said they were given to me years ago by my grandparents and I only just rediscovered them recently in a jewellery box that my granddad had made for me. The third ring is the same as the band so that they all fit together perfectly. I really love these rings and want to wear them as much as I can before my fingers become to fat for them! 

Do you have any jewellery you wear everyday?
Blog soon little ones. 


  1. My everyday jewellery is pandora birthstone ring and earrings :)

  2. My daily jewelry is usually simply my wedding rings, and most days the necklace my husband got me for our wedding. Simple, sophisticated, and a bit bling.