Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hello lovelies! I said a while back that I would post a bit about all the gift I received for my 21st birthday and haven't got around to it yet, so here is one of the very generous gifts I was kindly given. My amazing boyfriend is taking me to Paris in April! I have never been before so I am super excited about it. We are only going for a few days and during our trip we even get to take a day trip down to Reims to tour the Veuve Clicquot vineyards. 

I am absolutely ecstatic to go, especially because we are thinking of going the weekend after I hand in my dissertation. So I'm sure there will be many celebratory glasses of champagne that weekend! The main reason for this post is to ask if you have been before or if there are any attractions/tourist things that we should really see whilst we are there. 

I would love to hear about your trips!
Blog soon little ones.


  1. I have never been to Paris before but it is such a beautiful place, I would love to go there one day. :)


    1. I am super excited to go and will most likely write a post all about it! :)
      Thanks for reading x

  2. Wow that is a fantastic gift, you will have a fabulous time!

    1. I hope so! Have you ever been before? :)
      Thanks for reading! x