Lust List #12

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

1. PU Leather Jacket; £8.54 - Since it has been horrible weather in Aberdeen recently I have been looking more and more into my Autumn/Winter outfits. I came across this jacket really recently and decided to give it a go. It only took a couple of weeks to come but I was fairly impressed when it finally came. Considering this cost me less than £10, the quality isn't amazing but it is worth what you pay for and I love this royal blue colour.

2. Loose Casual Chiffon Blouse; £5.11 - I adore easy to wear blouses/jumpers when it comes to Autumn/Winter, often I just want something warm and fashionable to put on that looks great with jeans. This blouse has woollen sleeves so gives a nice twist to an everyday normal shirt which I really like. 

3. Woollen Blend Long Jacket; £12.99 - I am in love with this jacket, not only for the colour but the cut looks fantastic too. I love the idea that the one button is easy to wear casually open or buttoned up. I am really interested in this jacket and I think before the end of the month I will have ordered it. For so cheap you can't really go wrong, can you?

4. Loose Bat Wing Blouse; £6.99 - Again this is another easy to wear blouse that would be great for popping on with jeans before heading to uni. I always want something that is comfortable since I am in and out of classes and lectures so this would be perfect for it. Plus I am getting more into the dark Autumn colours, navy is great because it pretty much goes with everything.

5. Long Lapel Blazer; £4.73 - I don't have a little black blazer and think this would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I like the idea that it is a little longer than usual blazers, as being tall I have quite a long back and this would be perfect for me. 

What are you loving from eBay this week?
Blog soon little ones.

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  1. Love those coats, especially the top blue one!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~