Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hello lovely ladies! Aren't we loving these new sandals? The very generous people over at Plantas have kindly sent over this beautiful pair for me to review. I've always really wanted to try this style of sandal as I know they are supposed to be great for your feet and extremely easy to chuck on with any outfit. Now let me just say I was always very apprehensive about these chunky shoes making my size 7 feet look even bigger than they are but I am converted. They are so comfortable, and actual make my feet look like a normal size! 

The style have have chosen are called the Miami Arancio, I decided to go for these because of the gorgeous coral colour which I have been really into lately. I think it will go great with a lot of my summer pieces and can't wait to wear these on my last minute holiday I am hoping to book. The soft cork footbed supports my feet perfectly and makes them one of the most comfortable shoes I own. Not only do these come in Coral but they are also available in Silver and Lilac. Currently these are priced at £49.99, although slightly expensive they are worth every penny and I would definitely recommend getting a pair if you are looking for a new summer sandal. 

What do you think of Plantas shoes?
Blog soon little ones.


  1. They're so nice! I love the coral colour! :)

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