Bunny Scarf

Thursday, 24 July 2014

I realise I have been totally MIA recently and can only apologise! Most of you knew that around May time I was working two jobs and trying to finish Uni work for the semester, after I finally got everything handed in I went straight into a full time sales consultant job for Harvey Nichols and have been working constantly ever since! Thankfully this has let me earn enough pennies to pay for my rent and a little extra to enjoy the summer. As we enter August next month I only have a few remaining weeks before I finish up at HN and head back to Aberdeen in preparation for my final year as a Fashion Management student. 

This bunny scarf is something that I bought a couple of months back and fell in love with it. Whilst browsing the Stockbridge area of Edinburgh I stumbled across a couple of little boutiques there and would totally recommend anyone wanting something a little different. I adore how the bunnies are all in their own unique outfit. Tres Chic! 

What have I missed? Or what have you been buying recently?
Blog soon little ones! 


  1. what!!?? it's scarf!!! ♥♥♥ so freaking cute

  2. So, so cute!!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~