Lust List #10

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Since moving back home for placement a couple of months ago my free time has become none existent. I work my part-time job a couple of days then it's mostly placement the rest of the week, throw in work fashion events and catching up with friends from home and my life is pretty much none stop. Don't get me wrong I adore it. Thankfully it means I have had to completely reinvent my wardrobe for all of my outings. Currently I am craving some sexy party dresses to wear on nights out with friends.

Backless bodycon dress; £12.99
Black tailored asymmetric dress; £19.99
Monochrome shift mini dress; £12.99
Monochrome striped asymmetric dress; £12.99

Which dresses would you choose?
Blog soon little ones.

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