February Birchbox

Thursday, 6 March 2014

So this February Birchbox is a little late in being posted, but like I said a couple of posts ago I have been swamped with starting placement and juggling my part-time work. Don't get me wrong I am loving it, just leaves very little time for blogging, especially taking photographs. Scottish weather means that there are only a few hours of good lighting in the day which I always seem to miss!

Gilchrist & Soames Shower Gel; £13.75 - So I adore this little minature shower gel, the smell is super scrumptous and when lathered on makes my skin feel silky smooth. The price is also great for a high-end beauty product.

Beatitude Peace Body Oil; £34 - I've never really used a body oil before as I am fairly new to the whole beauty fandom, so wasn't sure what to make of this. After trying it a couple of times on my legs, I have felt a difference in how soft they feel and also noticed a change in my legs looking less dry. 

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish; - Unfortunatley I am not keen on this product what-so-ever. I am pretty picky about the products I use of my face, as my skin can be very sensitive. This just didn't agree with me and caused a couple of breakouts. I'm sure it is a great product just not for me.

Leighton Denny Nail Polish; £11 - Leighton Denny is a brand I have been meaning to try for ages as I have heard great things about them, but never got round to it. I really like this simple grey-silver colour as it is easy to wear with most things. The polish is also fairly thick so only requires a couple of coats.

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate; £2.29 - Who doesn't love chocolate?  I could lie to you and say I kept this as a treat, but I didnt. I ate it the minute the post man dropped this off at my door. I have no self control.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner; £12 - I live in black liquid eyeliner. So when I heard this was the most talked about product in the Feb box I was really excited to try it. Currently I use a 17 product which I love because it lets me do both thin and think strokes. Eyeko seemed a little thin for me, I would need to really layer up. I think I will stick to my existing eyeliner but I won't discount this.

What did you think of the Feb Birchbox?
Blog soon little ones. 

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