January Birchbox

Sunday, 2 February 2014

So I finally jumped onto the bandwagon with the whole beauty box subscription. You've probably seen a million of these posts already, and here is another to satisfy your curiosity. If you are unsure whether to subscribe then let me ease your worries and tell you to do it! I wasn't sure at first either, or which brand to finally chose, but now I received the first box I am so happy that I subscribed. I am fairly new to the whole extent of the beauty industry - I just to be fine with just foundation and concealer, until I realised there is so much more to consider. Cleansers, Toners, Moisturisers and Primer just to name a few. How is a girl to keep up if you barely even know what they are, never mind which brand to choose?

Thus introducing Birchbox. The easy and reliable way to explore new and popular beauty products in the industry. One of the many reasons I chose the brand was on their packaging. Its simple, chic and totally cute. I adore the little box and bag combination that it arrived in, and will have to put this to good use for make-up storage. My box contained a number of samples ranging from hand cream to hair conditioner. I just love the variety of it all. 

Lavera Basis Sensitive Hand Cream - Truthfully I'm not taken aback by this hand cream. Don't get me wrong it is rich and thick - everything a good moisturiser should be, but I hate the smell. I am not sure if it is the organic Jojoba oil, but it just tickles my fancy. I have a perfectly fabulous hand cream from OPI which smells amazing. Realistically I won't bother buying.

Blanc Cachemire Day Cream - Advertised as using all natural ingredients this day cream claims to regenerate the skin leaving it firmer. This cream is very light and a little goes a long way. Currently I just bought a No7 night cream that I am in love with - review to follow soon - and am hoping to buy the matching day cream. So I am not entirely sure if I will opt for this Blanc Cachemire day cream especially considering the £55 price tag.

Philp Kingsley Moisture Balancing Conditioner - My hair and I have a love/hate relationship. It loves to be frizzy and I hate it, as a result I am always looking for new hair products which will help me in my quest for great looking hair. I haven't had the time to try this yet, but am really looking forward. The full size bottle is only £19 so if all goes well I wouldn't begrudge paying the very reasonable price for it. 

Itsu Miso Soup - Surprisingly I have never really tried Miso soup before, but I am keen to try. The way to great skin care is affected by what we put into our body. That McDonalds burger really doesn't do any wonders for your skin. So a healthy Miso soup is just what the doctor ordered. 

BeeKind Body Lotion - I actually really love this product. Smell is a huge determining factor when I am buying any beauty products, as you probably already know. Weirdly this lotion with honey and chamomile extracts resembles the same fragrence of that found in Lemsip. Which, for me, has connotations of cleanliness and feeling better.

Benefit Porefessional Primer - When I heard that Birchbox would be featuring some of Benefits products in their beauty boxes over the next year I had to subscribe. I adore anything benefit produces and with the hype around the Porefessional primer alone I needed to try this. As always I have not been let down, although there has been many mixed reviews, personally I really like the texture and feel as though it has kept my make-up on well all day, even to a day of rushing around at work. You should buy it, I know I will. 

Blog soon little ones! 


  1. I've seen a whole heap of these little subscription boxes, but haven't heard of Birchbox before to be honest. The packaging really is cute, and the contents of it makes it look like it's really worth it!

    1. I adore their packaging and all the products were better than I expected. I would recommend if you were thinking of getting one :) x

  2. Fun. I have been wondering if I should do this as well.
    xx, Michelle

    1. I would totally recommend it if you did. I loved my first box more than I thought I would! :) x