My 2014 Skin Care Favourites

Sunday, 5 January 2014

I have been really concerned about my face recently after reading beauty blog after beauty blog about how much product some of the lovely ladies put onto their skin. I must admit I am a self confessed virgin when it comes to moisturisers, primers and toners. Before the world of blogging I wouldn't have been able to tell you the difference. This stops now. I must re-evaluate my life and start looking after myself. Thus introducing my new skincare favourites - so far, suggestions are very welcomed.  

Simple Eye Make-Up Remover Pads - I adore these because I have quite sensitive skin and they don't irritate or make my eyes itchy in any way. Combine that with being able to remove even waterproof mascara is always going to win me over.

Benefit Remove It Make-Up Remover - I was given this for Christmas after telling my mum that using make-up wipes to remove all your make-up is actually really bad for your skin and causes more breakouts. I am a Benefit lover and was so happy to find this in my pile under the Christmas tree. I love the smell and it can always wipe away any make-up I am wearing. Teaming this with my Simple eye make-up remover pads and I can be fresh as a daisy in minutes. 

Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On - I have super bad dark eye circles. Lack of sleep is usually to blame, but I have and always will be a night owl. So I need something to help me banish, or at least mask the dark circles. I have only started using this but have seen a slight improvement under my eyes. It is rumoured to be great for anyone who suffers puffy eyes in the morning. 

Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub - I am a huge Simple fan, my problem with a lots of products is that they use an obscene amount of perfume which really irritates my skin. Simple keeps it simple - see what I did there? Again I have only just starting using this products but have seen a reduction in blackheads and my skin is super soft. 

Botanics Facial Brush - I use this to apply the facial scrub, not only is it soft of my skin but great at really getting into my pores and unblocking them. Which lets face it, is never a bad thing. 

Freederm Spot Treatment - Like everyone I get breakouts, but I tend to develop stress spots. Huge under the skin ones that appear like little mountains on my face - not cool. Chuck a little dab of Freederm on them and it severely reduces the size with a day. 

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel - This used to be my little brothers, until I stole it. Preventing spots is the best way to treat them, or so everyone keeps telling me, and this certainly has proven to be worthwhile for me. 

I am really interesting in finding out your own skincare favourites. Or any you would recommend, especially for my dark eye circles! Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Blog soon little ones.    


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    1. Hi there! thanks for looking over my blog, I have followed your via bloglovin. I really loved some of your outfit posts, looking forward to hearing more from you and hopefully you are also interested in following my blog.

      Thanks again, x

  2. It's amazing how much you discover through being part of the blogging world, isn't it? I also like Simple products as I have sensitive skin. I would highly recommend Avon's Anew Clinical Eye Lift PRO for brightening up your eye area and it also helps with discolouration. It's had no ill effects on my sensitive skin. Great post! x
    The Jolly Fashionista

    1. I know, I really have learned loads from it :) I will have a look at Avon's eye cream and try to test it out, thanks for the tip! x