Style Crush #8: Naya Rivera

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I love, love, love this girl. As a Glee fanatic I first stumbled onto Naya from her on screen role as Santana and instantly loved her. Her sassy portray of a confused teen really appealed to me, and the way the writers developed her character through the struggling relationship with Brittany made me love her even more. I always have and will be team Brittana. You may not like me for it, but I am a self confessed Gleek.

Anyway, back to the lovely Naya Rivera. Obviously we can all appreciate how utterely stunningly beautiful she is. Her skin always looks flawless, and I am so jealous of her hair, it looks so thick and luscious. I need to get my hands on whatever product she is using.  

This is my favourite look as I think she almost looks like she is channelling her inner Kim Kardashian. I admit, I really think both Naya and Kim are beautiful women and really dislike the amount of hate that Kim receives about her body. Like I said, this whole outfit I am lusting after. I know what you might think, that is a lot of cleavage on show, but boy can she pull it off.

If I had a body nearly as toned as hers, I would be the happiest girl alive.
What do you think of Naya and her style? 
Blog soon little ones.



  1. Wow what a beauty!! Amazing post, great pictures of her - so elegant :-) xxx