Street Rose

Thursday, 5 December 2013

So I stumbled upon this website the morning and thought it would be another great new website to get new and different things from. I love finding new clothing ideas that no one else is really into yet, don't get me wrong I love Topshop, but I hate the army it creates. Everyone wearing the same thing - clones are not my thing. 

Street Rose is a new and upcoming fashion retailer trying to bring fresh and innovative designs to people who want it the most. As of right now the company has a range of t-shirts and jewellery. You can check it out here.

I am in love with their range of bracelets and my bank account will take a hit after I order all my favourites. I am a huge jewellery hoarder, anyone that knows me can see the huge amount that spills out of my jewellery boxes. Here are a few that I am hoping to get once I get paid. 

Black Leather Turquoise Bracelet - £20
 Turquoise jewels are my favourite thing in the world. I really have no idea why but somehow they are. This bracelet is so great because it has a magnetic clip to easily put on without any help - I find putting on some bracelets really difficult so this is a great way to fix that problem.

Tan Leather Bracelet (Limited Edition) - £15
Leather bracelets are always my first preference when I am choosing bracelets. They last way longer and don't end up turning your wrist green, which is always a winner in my book. This tan colour always matches almost all of my wardrobe and can be worn casually or on a night out.

Swarovski Black Suede Crimson Crystal Charm Bracelet - £20

This is my favourite out off all the others on the website. I love the multiple bands and the heart crystal makes this the perfect present to give as a gift, or just to keep for yourself. You can also buy this in a clear crystal too. They look great layered on top of one another.

I am totally loving Street Rose.
What are you thinking of the site?
Blog soon little ones.



  1. The last bracelet with the heart charm is gorgeous! I'll have to check Street Rose out soon. Have you ever heard of Poppy Lux? It's a clothing site that's fairly new and has really nice and unique clothing. I've done a review on my blog if you are interested. Xx

    1. I tried having a look for it on your blog, but I haven't found it yet. Probably me just being really silly! Can you send me a link and I will read it :) xx

    2. Yes, sorry it was a while ago, here's the link:


    3. I just had a look on their site, and really loved all the stuff!


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    1. hi there, I haven't followed your blog, but am just away to have a look at it. I try to follow everyone backs that follows me, so will love for you to! xx