Style Crush #7: Miranda Kerr

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In Uni last week my friends group had a little debate over a Costa lunch of whether we liked Miranda Kerr or not. Personally I am all about this chick. She is stylish, sexy and has a rocking body with having a kid - I'm talking washboard stomach, it puts myself to shame. 

We did discuss that she is rarely seen without looking like perfection. And a couple of my friends pointed out how unrealistic this would be, EVERYDAY. I mean, surely this would put a huge dent into your getting ready schedule, it would take me days to get to her standards, many even months. 

Although she may be polished to the point of OCD, I still adore this woman. I need her figure, it is to die for - and her wardrobe. She emulates smart/casual without any form of effort and oozes sophistication. Unfortunately she has just split up from hubby, Orlando Bloom, which I cannot begin to fathom. Hollywoods's most beautiful couple are over people, my time to swoop in and mend Mr Bloom's obviously broken heart.

But have no fear, they still have the cutest little boy the world can imagine, and with a dress sense like mum this little boy could go very far. Keep your eyes on this one.

What do you think of the controversial Miranda?
Please leave me some comments I love to read them and see your lovely blogs.
Blog soon little ones.



  1. She does look pretty amazing! I guess part of her image is always looking perfect.

    1. I totally agree! Must be nice to look that perfect all the time :P xx

  2. I love Miranda Kerr! She's a truly stylist lady. Great post! I'm a new follower :)

    1. she is totally awesome, I am just away to have a little browse through your blog. I'm sure it will be fab! x