Bonfire Night

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

So as basically all of you know, unless you live under a gigantic rock, it was Guy Hawkes last night! Which means tons and tons of beautiful fireworks. I must admit, although it means standing in the freezing cold Scottish weather for a while I would do it in a heartbeat to get the chance to see the beautiful lights and colours of the show.

This year I was in Aberdeen for said night, and headed out with a couple of friends, Regan (her blog) and Fiona (her blog). We headed out to Aberdeen beach, which is just a five minute walk from my flat and stood at the top of a great hill with the best view of the fireworks. Combined with chips from our local fish shop I had a great night standing under the stars, and even the rain managed to stay away, hurrah!

 Here are a couple of pictures from bonfire night in Edinburgh last year. I just simply love fireworks, and the way that they dance in the sky. My favourite part has to be when you feel the colossal bang vibrating through your body while they are exploding, for me it always feels a bit dangerous and exciting, and I relish that.  

Did you end up doing anything for Guy Hawkes?
Blog soon little ones.


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