The Carrie Diaries

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ever since I can remember have have loved Sex and the City. I love the girls, their interactions with each other and the nail biting story lines. Will they? Won't they? But more than anything I have been obsessed with the fashion and style. Carrie's outfits episode after episode was one of my first interests into fashion, and looking back I still love the way she was styled.

With the recent TV series of the Carrie Diaries I have loved having the eclectic style of Miss Bradshaw back on my screen.

But you can never really beat the original Carrie's fashion choices. I love the way the stylist for the show mixed fabrics, and patterns to really push the boundaries of trends at the time. The way that most of the outfits would still be acceptable to wear during this time always impresses me. In the words of Coco Chanel: 

Fashion Changes, but Style Remains.

 Which of Carrie's outfits do you love the most?
Blog soon little ones.


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