Lust List #5

Friday, 18 October 2013

Mambo no.5. I kid. Moving on, swiftly.

So here is another eBay list of what I am lusting after recently. As you know I am a proper eBay whore, ask me what I am wearing and it will usually consist of something from the online market place. I have been really into jumpers recently with the sudden drop in temperature, and really want some stylish tops to get me through the winter months. 

Long Sleeve Blouse - £14.97

Loose Batwing Jumper - £10.99

Tweed Peplum Jumper - £12.55

Jumper / Blouse - £8.88

I am especially in love with the peplum jumper, as I think the lace detail gives the top a little extra and you could wear it casually during the day, or dressed up at night.

What's on your eBay watchlist this week?
Blog soon little ones.


*I do not own any of the images shown on this post, all sourced via Google. 
Credit due to the owners of the images.


  1. The first and second sweaters are my favorite! I'm in HK right now so it's still too hot for sweaters.

    Would appreciate if you checked my blog :)

    1. OH thanks! I checked out your blog and really liked it.
      Gave you a follow, would you mind following back? :)