Monday, 7 October 2013

So for a recent Uni assignment my class was asked to think about the brands that they use everyday in a normal routine. At first, you'd think of only a few, then our lecturer explained that nearly everything we use and buy has been branded, whether it is the certain coffee you drink to wake yourself up, or the TV that you watch after work. For a successful business it must have a brand - something which tells the consumer who they are and what they supply. 

Here is my list of just a few brands which I cross paths with on a typical day:

I wake up in my Gavin Bain and Co flat that I am leasing. I check my iPhone for the time, or to usually turn off the alarm which is blaring out. I get up from bed and go into the shower, where I shampoo and condition my hair with TIGI, and use Simple body wash. I put on my Topshop jeans, and usually something that I have bought from eBay - I am a self confessed addict. I spray my hair with a GHD heat protector and Sebastian hair product before drying it with my Remington hair-dryer.

My make-up is applied with 17 foundation and concealers, Benefit Mascara, and Soap and Glory eyeliner. I pick up my Mulberry handbag, spray my favourite Chloe perfume and head out the door to my Mini car, where I drive to Robert Gordon University to study for the day. I grab a water or tea from Costa Coffee on campus before my first lecture, where I take notes on my iPad. Usually throughout I will check my emails, and have a browse of my ongoing Amazon orders.

After Uni I will go to work at Monsoon/Accessorize, and further my learning of the fashion industry. Most likely I won't have anything for dinner - typical - so stop into ASDA on the way home. I will pick up something quite fabulous, and drive home to spend the rest of my night watching Sky on my LG television.

That sounds like an awful lot of brands, without even thinking or detailing any of the ones connected to what I have eaten and use only minor throughout my day. It is amazing how many brands are in the world today, and we do not even realise that we are connected to them.

What's your typical brand list?
Considering we are all a little more brand loyal than we may care to admit.
Blog soon little ones!


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