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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

So recently after my last trip to the hair dressers - when I dyed my hair blonde - I have been on a rampage to try and repair my damaged hair. After years and years of heat styling with straightners, curlers and hair dryers it has come to the stage that my neglected hair is hitting back with frizz and split ends. Let me tell you now, that it is not a good look. As much as I like the way my hair was dyed blonde, I cannot deny that I am a brunette through and through. My hair grows extremely quickly and after only a couple of weeks my roots are already a few good inches long. And this brings me to the point of my post, I went into boots looking for some every day products that I could use to repair my damaged hair, but instead I ended up leaving with far more than expected.

I have read a lot of reviews which have raved about using Moroccan Argan oil as a miracle hair treatment. I thought this leave in conditioner would be easy to spray onto hair before styling and hopefully bring back some of that fresh out the hair-dresser shine. However, as of yet, I haven't had the chance to fully try it out yet - although it smells amazing from the bottle, which can only be a good thing. I'm really looking forward to trying this for a few weeks and see if I can see any visible improvements.

Boots always seem to have amazing deals on the products that I need and today they were offering 3 for 2 on almost all hair products, so this really did give myself the perfect excuse to pick up a few treatments. A lot like the Argan Oil leave-in conditioner, I really wanted a product to increase my hairs shine, gloss and get rid of some of the frizz. With my hair being naturally curly it is inevitable that I would encounter some degree of frizz, but hopefully I will lose some of the fluffiness which surrounds my head, almost like a little halo. 

The last item in my 3 for 2 boots offer was Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical. It is a massive bottle and I could not live without it. Dry shampoo is one of my most favourite hair products that I own, and also the most handy to have. Not only does it give my hair a top up on a bad hair day, but it also gives my roots a much needed lift and surge of volume. The tropical, I believe, smells the best too. You can't beat having great smelling hair.

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I adore the Seventeen cosmetics range, and always make it my aim to try out their newest products when I can. I am not really the worlds biggest make-up fan - in fact there is quite a bit that I don't know how to use - so I have been slowly trying to expand my knowledge on the subject. I tend to wear concealer more than full foundation, as I often find it heavy on my skin, I have yet to find a perfect coverage for my skin tone and type combined. This being said, I have never therefore really had any need for a Primer but thought I should give it a go. It's now or never, right?

I swear by Barry M nail polish, it is the one polish which never seems to let me down. Time after time I will buy new bottles of paint with the hope that one may last longer than a day without chipping. But I seem to be disappointed every time, even when I put on additional base and top coats. Barry M seems to stand above all of the other competitors in its price range and I especially love their new Gelly Hi Shine range, with a collection of bright and neon colours - which always look fab no matter what you are wearing.

What have you been buying recently? Or think of the products I have? Tell me your reviews, I would love to hear them. 

Blog soon little ones!


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    1. I really love the bright one, it is so cute and goes with everything :)

  2. Great products! That dry shampoo sounds amazing.

    1. It is really good, if you get the chance to pick some up you should! :) Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate your comments on my posts. xx