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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sorry that I have been a bit hard to track down this last couple of weeks, I have been super busy with my two summer jobs and finally collecting the keys to my new flat! So I apologise profusely. The last few weeks seemed to have just flown by and I am now reaping the rewards of seeing the flat I waited the whole summer to get.

It's not exactly fully furnished and gorgeous yet as we were only handed keys yesterday! My flatmate and I have a lot more decorating and finishing touches to add, but it is starting to feel like our little place to call our own. Would you like to see? I'm going to show you anyway.

First up is my room which, to be fair, the pictures do not do any justice. The room is bright and airy with a large double bed and cute little bedside table and lamp, it also features a sliding door cupboard and private en-suite. Although it all looks a bit bare right now, soon it will be filled with the mountains of clothes I have and endless amounts of photos which will adorn the walls.

 The en-suite has a toilet, sink and compact shower. With added extra little sign bought from Dunelm Mill earlier in the day.

The hall and front door aren't too exciting but my flatmate has already started decorating with a bit of pink bunting to make it more homely, and girly of course. The flat also features quite a few little hooks which are of a Buddha with the quote "Happy Man Makes Happy Place". These are dotted all over the flat and have become a games as to who can find the next one - sad, I know.

The main bathroom is considered my flatmates as I have my own en-suite. And already is starting to look like a girls bathroom!

 Now to the livingroom which I think, could be my favourite room in the whole flat. It is an open plan kitchen/livingroom which amazing sea views and large windows looking out.

Blog soon little ones!

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