Style Crush #4: Ashley Benson

Friday, 5 July 2013

Star of all-American teen drama, A holds a wardrobe off and on screen, any girl would kill for. Pretty Little Liars reference - check. If you haven't seen the show or read the books, do so now, and in a swift manor. Warning - You will become addicted.

This blonde bombshell has yet to reveal her true style but I am sure will do so with her growing fame and fan base. Recently starring in the sell out film "Spring Breakers" this young talent is sure to just only starting her long acting career, and will not be the last we have seen from her.

Keeping her everyday fashion simple and easy to wear, Benson creates an effortless and affordable style crush to follow and imitate. Mainly snapped in a variety of skinny jeans and classic tees the star is likely to go far as her own personal style develops.

Not restricted to everyday style, Ashley smashes her outfits for film and TV promotions. With edgy clean cut white shirts, glamourous gold sequinned skirts, and Hollywood blonde curls. Dressing for her shape, she shows that with the right length of dress you can make your legs looks miles long, and perfecting the look with skyscraper heels Benson shows off how toned her legs really are.

What do you think of Ashley's looks?
Blog soon little ones.

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