TK Maxx Haul

Friday, 14 June 2013

After finally settling back home I thought it was only right to head out with my mother to get a little retail therapy and a catch up. As I have gathered so much stuff from living away from home, finding space in my old room has proved extremely difficult, thus resulting in a new idea of redoing my room. I always find tidying or gutting out my room so therapeutic, and redesigning my room would take that to a whole new level.

As a result we jumped into the car and headed a nearby retail park to visit IKEA. Spending hours walking around the endless home set-ups I began to envision my new room. Measurements must be made to ensure everything chosen will fit in my little space before I can actually swipe my card.

Whilst we were down there we also dipped into the retail store, TK Maxx. Many times I have entered the store ready to take on the day and find a bargain, and left defeated and exhausted. However this time proved different. After accepting a new part time sales job, I needed to scouting out some new, smart attire I could wear which was fashionable for my new work. 

photo 1-1

The first top is a simple black t-shirt with sheer sleeves and stud trim collar, and one I have chosen for work. This only cost me £9.99 and is made by a brand called Sweewe. The second top is also from the same brand, but made with a thicker sweatshirt material with this amazing brocade design! Setting me back only £14.99, I would say that is a pretty good buy! 

I find TK Maxx to sometimes be a lot like a jumble sale, you really need to trawl through the racks to find the gems. It can either be a hit or a miss. What do you think of the store? 

Blog soon little ones.


  1. Loving the pattern on that top!

    1. Me too, it is so cute! :)
      Thanks for following and reading the posts, means so much!


  2. Love TK Maxx can sometimes find such good bargains!

    Follow for follow?

    1. No problem, I love having new people to follow.
      And your style is really fab too :) looking forward to reading more posts :) x