Style Crush #1: Jennifer Lawrence

Monday, 3 June 2013

As my close friends would tell you, I am a massive fan of the Hunger Games trilogy (reading all three books in around a week) and therefore obsessed with its main character Katniss, played by the most beautiful, Jennifer Lawrence.

Not only does the star share the same name as myself, but also holds an amazing street style. Repeatedly snapped in Dior dresses at fabulous events and casual chic out and about, the star can do no wrong!

Isn't she just stunning! I would kill for her looks. With the rising star growing in popularity along with her ever expanding wardrobe it is no wonder she is becoming a style icon. A perfect complexion, effortless beauty, tight figure and long, flowing, thick locks it is only time before the actress is snapped up by a very lucky chap. 

Jen's busy lifestyle jetting back and forth for movie takes and photo shoots obviously means that she in on the go a large majority of the time so needs a casual stylish look which is easy to adapt. Frequently seen pictured in dark wash denim which feature a kicked out flare which flatters her gorgeous toned figure. Paired with a Mulberry tote on her arm, Lawrence takes fierce to a whole new level.

photo 1-1
photo 1-2 
Easily transforming from smart-casual to hippy chic the star's chameleon like fashion sense can be adapted with the slightest wardrobe change. Rocking full length maxi skirts in crisp white and dangerous red Jennifer flaunts her tiny waist and petite like figure.

photo 1-1
photo 1-2
Keeping the full length maxi theme Lawrence mixes it up with a side spilt to yet again emphasis her golden tanned legs - and with legs like that, why wouldn't you show them off! Teamed with a classic fitted t-shirt the style is simple and easy to throw on during her busy schedules.

The star's street style rivals those who are much more experienced in the world of fashion and shows her on twist on the LA style where she currently resides.  I think it is pretty safe to say if I had even half of JLaw's wardrobe I would be a very happy girl. I would love to hear any of your style crushes or anyone you would like to see feature. 

Blog soon little ones!

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    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my blog! I'll be sure to follow and check out yours! :)

  2. I have to agree, her style is amazing, and she has an incredible personality to match.
    BTW, I adore the design and layout of your blog- pretty jealous of it actually xx

    1. I just adore her! Thanks for checking out the blog too! I spent AGES looking for the right layout! But I just visited your blog and thought it was so cute! Your header is amazing! I also followed because I really liked your posts :) music Monday is very clever :) xx