New Job: Monsoon

Sunday, 23 June 2013

So I recently started a job with the fabulous fashion retailer, Monsoon. After having an obsession with the brand for years this was an amazing opportunity which was given my way. Beautifully crafted garments embellished with such care and consideration how could anybody not love it?

With being in the store a great deal more than I usually would have the chance I have stumbled upon a rather large wish list of what I would like to purchase when my first paycheck comes in, and believe me, it will be all gone in a matter of seconds.

Recently I have been crushing on their range of jackets which are perfect for the coming summer. The first jacket is my favourite as I think this would be a fabulous new addition to my wardrobe! The blue and red works amazingly together and I just cannot express enough my love for it. With a price tag of £89, I think I will be needing to save some pennies. The second summer coat is currently on promotion with a lovely £15 off the full price, which will set you back £84 with the promo discount.

I understand for a student like myself Monsoon prices can be quite daunting as they are big investment for a small income like mine, however Monsoon quality of clothing is well worth it. Having previously bought from the store years ago I can testify that my garments are still standing strong and have yet to let me down!

There are still so many more things I want to purchase with my little bank account but alas I will have to wait for now. Please check out the website here or go into your local store, you won't be disappointed.

Blog soon little ones.

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  1. Love when you get a job you want!

    It's just bad for your money haha!

    1. best feeling! going to have no money now though :P

  2. Congratulations! I love Monsoon! They have an amazing designs and quality products. You are very lucky girl indeed =) Currently I'm looking for work as well and hope I'll get one soon, as I love working.

    1. Thank you so much :) Very best of luck in finding some work! x