Nailing It

Saturday, 15 June 2013

If you are a lot like me and work in retail, then you will already know as soon as you get to work those freshly painted nails will be chipped in under a minute! I've tried using base coats, doubling the colours and even finishing coats, but the fact of the matter is no matter how much I try to prevent it my polish always chips!

This means I need a durable polish to get me through those tough shifts. Don't get me wrong, I have thousand upon thousands of bottle of polish already, but I thought I would take the bull by the horns and try something a little different.

A few years ago when on holiday in Spain, I went to the salon and got the Shellac gels on my nails. Instantly I fell in love with them as they lasted heaps longer than an everyday polish, the only downside was removing it. Whilst scanning eBay I came across the Shellac polish and UV light for drying the nails and decided just to take the plunge and try it out.

photo 1-1                        ----------                            
photo 1-2-----------------------------------------
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After trying it all out for the first time on my own, I thought that the results were better than expected - only a little bit of smudging! Obviously, I need a lot more experience to get the nails perfect but like they say, practise makes perfect! I would really recommend trying this out for yourself as it is a really fun thing to do, and would be great as an activity for a girls night in. 

photo 1-1---------------------------------------------
photo 1-2---------------------------------------

What do you all think of the Shellac Gel nails? Will you try them out for yourself?
Blog soon little ones.


  1. Yours look great and I love the colour! I rarely wear nail polish on my fingers for this exact reason. I might have to try the gel!

    1. It's been a miracle for me! Actually being able to wear polish for more than one day without it chipping. :)