Lust List #2

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Don't get me wrong, I do shop in other places, but I cannot deny my undying love for eBay and its many wonders. You can find anything on that place. And here is what I have been lusting after this week!

First of all, as you probably guessed from previous posts right now I am currently obsessed with pointed court shoes, I haven't the slightest clue why, but I just LOVE them - most likely because they can be seen on nearly every fashion blogger on the net. These pair unfortunately are not leather, but who can tell when they will still look just as fabulous on your feet.
Seller: Strawberry-chic
If only I had something to wear these gorgeous classic statement shoes to. A girl can only dream. Any offers for dinner in town will be considered.

The Hermes Birkin bag is literally something I would die to own. Shame I cannot afford the hefty price tag, so have found this much cheaper alternative. The cut and the shape of the bag is timeless and makes any outfit looks effortless, so it is no wonder why I cannot decide which colour I want! Being real leather this bag just screams "BUY ME" - and oh, do I want to. 

Seller: Is*The*One

For now, I am swaying towards the Khaki but in close second is the green. Recently I have been really into neon so this would be the perfect addition for summer, while the Khaki would suit all seasons. Decisions, decisions...

Also very recently I have fallen in love with the Zara skort, and have found a cheap alternative look-a-like. The asymmetrical style of this gives it an edgy twist on what would be a classic skirt. What I think is great about the design is that it flatters off your legs, but can hide your tum too! Having already bought a similar skirt in black from Marks and Spencers years ago, opting for the electric blue will give my wardrobe a well deserved splash of colour.
Seller: e4retail
What are you lusting after this week? Stay tuned for the next installment, because lets face it, my closet will never be full enough! 

Blog soon little ones. 


  1. Some good bargains, the shoes are so nice and so staple!!

    1. You have got to love a staple shoe! :)
      Thanks for checking out the blog.

      :) x

  2. I love those heels, they look like my ballroom dancing shoes!

    1. They are so beautiful! Really want to buy them, I bet your ballroom dancing shoes are amazing too :) thanks for stopping by! :D