Lust List #1

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Hello little ones. My name is Jenny, and I am an eBay addict.

It has been going on for years, and I am just not ready to give it up yet. Mostly because I find the best deals on clothing and accessories out there! There are a number of sellers - majority of them situated in Asia - that I follow on a regular basis. The items on my Lust List today are all from the seller: Activate2011Store.

Being true to myself I am also a self-confessed Zara lover, although being a student forbids me to be constantly buying the many lovely things that I want from their stores. This is where eBay comes in. The store mentioned above offers Zara copies at the fraction of the price. Alas it does not have the variety of styles and sizes that a physical store may offer but it does, however, save a few pennies.

Shirt - £6.34
photo 1-1

photo 1-2
Shirt - £7.15

Shirt - £6.45

Jumper - £3.99

Blouse - £5.90

Cardigan - £12.05

Trousers - £9.14

Shoes - £9.80


I know that the shoes are a bit strange from the usual everyday wear that I normally confine myself to, but as the blog has been forming and adapting so has my sense of style and fashion. I am much more willing to experiment with new key features and spotlights in my expanding wardrobe. 

My favourite piece of the whole feature has to go to the Electric Blue cardigan. It is fabulous and could even be worn as a light jacket during the summer months. Offering a variety of different colours, I think it can be assumed not just one of these bad boys will be purchased.

What do you think of my eBay finds? Or, do you have any yourself you would like to share?

Blog soon little ones!


  1. love that striped shirt

    1. I really love it too! Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  2. Oh, I'm loving the shoes and that striped shirt is fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much! You've got to love an eBay bargain. Also many thanks for checking out my blog and following, really appreciate it! :)

  3. I love those striped shirts and the shoes! I guess Im an ebay addict too, I just love buying there because I always find cute stuff that is cheap and that not everyone else has :p

    Love from Canada,

    1. eBay is great for finding unique buys that not all your friends have! Thanks for checking out the blog, would be fab if you followed. I'll be sure to check out yours and follow! :)

  4. love all those shooooes! such a great wihslist

    ordaining serendipity

  5. Thanks for checking out the blog, I am in love with the shoes too!
    In love with your blog, it is so beautiful! Sure one I will be following! :)

  6. Hi, great post, love this! :)

    I've just ordered the first shirt from Ebay

    1. I am totally in love with that shirt - for sure a good buy :)
      Please follow if you can! I would really appreciate it.
      And thanks for looking! :)

  7. Those shoes are so hot!!!

    1. I know, right?! Loving them! :)

      Really loved your blog too, I followed so please follow back if you could! :)
      Thanks so much for checking out the post :) x