Little Picks

Saturday, 29 June 2013

When I was in Perth a couple of days ago I quickly had a browse of a few things in the Primark there. Now, usually I can spend hours in the place due to the huge normal size of a store but this visit was short and sweet. I had no intention of actually buying anything so just had a wee peak at the jewellery.

In the end I left with a pair of silver and blue earrings and another set of single earrings which could be mixed and matched. Recently I have been neglecting my ears from beautiful dangling things which could be hung from them so decided to give them a little retail therapy and am very happy with my cheap purchases.

Have you bought anything you are really loving recently?

Blog soon little ones.

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  1. OH I love those silver earrings they are so beautiful!

    1. thankyou! and great for only £2.50!
      also a big thankyou for following my blog and reading posts, receiving comments from you always makes my day :) x