Cleaning Out My Closet

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Well when I say closet, I really mean my flat to which I am in the process of moving out from and heading back to the bright city lights of Edinburgh. If you've read any of the previous posts you would know that is where I'm originally from and studying in the wonderful world of Aberdeen.

But term time has once again come to an end and results in moving my house worthy amount of belongings back home. Thankfully, I have my own car as well as a loving mother and father who recently just came up to help me move majority of my things out. These consisted of two chest of drawers and a full length mirror just to start.

Throughout the whole packing process it was inevitable that procrastination would hit and I'd spend hours playing with things that I find rather than putting them into bags to move. Jewellery seemed to be one of my weaker points for this...

With Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" blasting from my tiny iPad speakers and I begin to feel as though I'm a character from Sex and the City more and more jewels spill onto my bed. From faux pearl necklaces through to rings scouted from the markets in Malaga, Spain you'll be sure to find something to wear in my vast collection - and this is only a short amount of the ever increasing range.

As previously mentioned in "Accessorise My Life" I own a number of things which you will constantly see me dressed in. But whatever else tends to be what has caught my eye on that particular day. I love playing and experimenting with different types of jewellery, however rings tend to be one of my favourite staple pieces.

Skull Ring - eBay
Triple Entwined Circle Ring - Topshop
All Rings Shown - Various Markets Over Spain
Most of my favourite rings have, as said, come from the many market stalls all over Spain. Although this means they aren't of the highest quality materials and many eventually colour my finger green, I have an old wives trick to prevent this from happening. Before I begin wearing the ring of choice I paint the inside with clear nail varnish, this adds an additional layer to the ring and therefore prevents tarnishing of the silver painted coating. Obviously, this also applies to gold, or rose gold coloured jewellery too.

As the polish starts to fade, you may then repaint with clear varnish once again to update the ring and make it last even longer. For a ring that only cost a couple of Euros from a market I'd say that is a pretty good deal!

Watch - Gift from Granparents
Cross Ring - eBay
 As my collection has grown over the years I have begun to find throwing any pieces away a challenge. Somehow I have made emotional attachments to each and every unique item with some even conjuring up certain memories when wearing them.

Fashions fade then come back around a few years later, but if you already have the item from the first time there is no need to buy it again! This saves you a little cash but also leaves room for possibly looking to invest in a higher quality item, perhaps one which will never go out of style. The ultimate of these being the coveted diamond ring. I am still yet to invest in this or have own generously donated to my cause, but when I do I know it will be something that is past down through the generations.

Owl Necklace - Accessorize
Skull Drop Earring - Primark
Feather Glitter Necklace - TopShop
That was a short incite into my jewellery box and some of the things which feature in it. I'd love to hear any of your favourite pieces from your collections, or anything you are currently obsessed with right now!

Blog soon little ones.

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