The Granite City

Thursday, 11 April 2013

As many of you already know, I am a fashion student currently studying in the lovely world of Aberdeen. Although it is known for its heavy rainfall and many snowy days, on a clear sunny day the granite buildings sparkle like stars in the sky.

Unfortunately, the day I went to the local market was not a beautiful, sunny day - but that of gray skies and cold winds. Nonetheless I had a wonderful time anyway exploring all the stalls and drinking in all of the mouth watering smells the event had to offer.

Union Terrace Gardens

Tree in the Gardens

Busy Market Go-ers

Noodle Bar - which looked amazing
Some Freshly Cooked Paella

I can't even begin to describe the gorgeous smells which came from the majority of the food stalls, unfortunatley I was on my way out to dinner so didn't get the opportunity to try any of these delicious offerings, however the market has been before and I got the chance to try an Ostrich burger - which was surprisingly nice! Have you ever tried something a little different or out-there? Please leave a comment below if you have or even your thoughts on weird food!

View of the stalls

Pretty Railing Entrance to the Gardens

I think Aberdeen has the largest Seagulls in the world.
Look at the size of that thing!

Skull Head For Sale?

Various Other Things For Sale

Array of Scarves

Cute Little Wooden Ducks

Hope you enjoyed having a little taster of the beautiful city of Aberdeen, and a peak into my very unexciting life. I really enjoy living in the city and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of visiting! 

Blog soon little ones.

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