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Saturday, 6 April 2013

So it feels like I have been editing this blog for weeks, trying to get everything to the right inch and in the right place; and I have finally stopped and given into html. You win.

If you have previously had experience using this I feel your pain and if you haven't, do not even attempt it. However my good old friend photoshop helped me quite a bit get round some of the really tricky bits.

Do you like the new look? Leave me a comment of your thoughts, it's so helpful.

On another note also something new in my life is my full fringe - or bangs as you American's call it! 

I've wanted to do something different with my long locks for a while now and just couldn't decide what, but have now finally agreed upon a schoolgirl full fringe.

As you can see I have still kept the length and the dip dye but tidied up the well over due split ends. Being originally from Edinburgh I tend to wait until I can travel home to book in for getting my hair cut as I religiously live by the salon Egg in the city centre. I highly recommend you check it out if you ever need anything done as they have amazing service and lovely staff who always know exactly what I want. 

If you are feeling extra generous today you could also leave a comment on what you think of my 'new do'...

Blog soon little ones!

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