Money, Food and Photographs..

Sunday, 7 April 2013

So as I have been updating the blog and giving it it's new look I have come to the conclusion that my blog doesn't have a niche - something to really stand it apart from the others. It just mainly consists of what I've been splashing my well decreasing cash on. As this is the case I have been studying fellow fashion blogs, and famous ones too trying to figured out what makes theirs such a great read, and it has dawned on me that they all have ridiculous amounts of money to spend on new designer clothes every day (not really, but thats how it feels to a poor student like me). 

Therefore, I have had to come up with a few suggestions of what I am good at, and can tailor my blog to. 
  1. spending money I don't have.
  2. eating vast amounts of food.
  3. taking photographs of pointless things
From quite a young age I have always been interested in fashion and photography as I love the way that it looks so beautiful. I believe it all stems from the fact that I am as blind as a bat and have to wear contact lenses every moment of the day for fear of walking into things. From looking at everything blurry and faded to immense clarity in a matter of moments is a highly strange sensation and lets me value colours and beauty in a whole new way than I would with naturally perfect vision.  

Furthermore, I propose that this blog will soon feature photographs taken by myself as I endeavour to show the real beauty of fashion and everyday garments that I possess. If you would like to keep following me on this journey my gratitude to you is evermore. And if you wish not too, I feel disappointed that I could not entertain you, if only for a few minutes.  

So here are a few close up studies of my vintage Levi jean shorts. 

Please leave a comment of what you think.
Blog soon little ones!

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