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Monday, 4 February 2013

As I haven't exactly been around for the past few months I feel it's only fair I update you on the happenings of my life. 
Coursework, Exams, Time at home & Back to Uni and Work is really all that I have been doing. And whilst this has all been happening I've managed to pick up a few things along the way. 

Spanish retailer Bershka - a sister brand of Zara has always been one of my favourite places when shopping abroad. Its stylish, young and cheap; which makes it great on a tight budget. What makes it even better is that it now ships to the UK! So during their January sales I managed to pick myself up a few bargains. Queue my new favourite boots...

These bad boys only cost me £25 plus postage and packaging, but we can forgo that for the sheer beauty of them. 

I love pairing them with my new best friend - the high waist skinny jean. Not only does this hold in everything but doubles as a casual and dressy up piece, killing two birds with the one stone. 

Another great purchase from the website was yet again a new jacket to add to my collection. This little fella is a short brown bomber jacket. And is faux fur lined for extra warmth for the harsh Aberdeen days. I love this jacket because its casual and easy to chuck on with almost anything. Not only that but at £20 it's a steal!

As you may have noticed in the previous picture my hair is looking a tad lighter. That is because I finally sucked it up and tried the ombre trend! Now I know this is starting to fade out but because my hair is already light(ish) right now it's a very subtle ombre style. Plus with the length of my hair you kinda don't notice it as such. So it's a win win. 

 Lastly, I have this gorgeous dress which I borrowed from my very generous flat mate for a night out recently. It is navy blue in colour with studs all around the collar and arms - although this cant be seen due to my hair. I love the style with the longer skirt at the back, and she too is a bargain hunter scouting this dress from TopShop for only £20. Money well spent I would say! 

Hope to hear from you lot too! 
Blog soon little ones.

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