New Years Non-Resolutions

Sunday, 3 February 2013

With January proving to be a very busy month with family, friends and coursework I feel it is only now I can get back onto the task of Blogging - which I have sorely missed.

February is now upon us and the cold winter weather has refused to leave. You can always count on Scotland for great weather... Nonetheless classes are resumed and I seem to find myself only timetabled into Uni two days a week! Brilliant for my social life, however disastrous for my bank balance. So I need to find myself a activity or a hobby to pass the hours before the work load really picks up. 

Its safe to say my New Years Resolution of not eating takeaway for three months is truly down the drain. Damn you Dominos for being so tasty. But this brings me to a new thought, how about joining the gym, and limiting my takeaway consumption - because lets face it, cold turkey failed miserably. My lovely flatmate already puts me to shame every week by heading off to Netball, Dancing and Football classes, while I spend my nights sitting on the couch watching useless TV and online window shopping.    

But it is time for a change. I refuse to say those famous New Years words about a "new" me. And have come to the realisation that I am just improving on the model I already own. So hefty gym membership come at me bro. Its time to get the lyrca out. And with that lovely thought I shall leave you all.

Blog soon little ones!  

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