Fash Pack Hit London

Thursday, 28 February 2013

So I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy getting back into the swing of things, and because I've just got back from the most desirable city in the UK, London! Following the most important week in year - London fashion week - our little UNI group jetting down to big city to catch a glimpse of London Fashion Weekend getting a welcomed reminder of what will be hitting the high street this spring/summer. 

Our journey began with a 5am start - yes really 5am. It's safe to assume I got no sleep the night before due to sheer excitement. Our flight left Aberdeen Airport around 9am so it was essential we had all 28 students there and accounted for on time, which meant all meeting at 7.15. 

As we all began to filter into the airport small, very tired, groups at a time we all began to wake up slowly as the anticipation grew.  Finally as we touched down in London you could tell the entire fash pack was ready to hit the shops and bleed their bank account dry. As London is one of the most fashionable cities it could only be expected this was going to happen. 

Miles and miles of high street and designer shops waiting for me to spend all my money in them in exchange for beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories. I think that's what heaven is called. And as expected a few things were purchased! Firstly I bought a Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Cashmere scarf for my lovely mum as she was green with envy at the thought of me flying down to London without her. Next was purchased in the biggest Topshop I have ever had the magnificent opportunity to step foot into. This came in the form of a yellow/green neon knitted jumper and a pair of skinny high waist acid washed jeans. Which I am both currently obsessed with. 

I didn't seem to buy a large amount of clothing in London, however still managed to spend a fortune on classy meals and a very well spent ticket to see Wicked in the theatre. Which has now become one of my favourite shows I've had the privilege to see live. And of course if you go to the theatre you have to buy a program to keep! 

However I did manage to get a gorgeous pair of shoes delivered just in time for the journey. These black studded flats were only £25 from the online retailer ASOS. And with premium delivery for the whole year only costing £9.95 these were a steal and perfect! I love the clear material used as I think it looks really different from any other shoes I own. A couple of my friends also compared them to the recent Valentino flats - so I can't complain about that!

We spent a large majority of our time in the city travelling on tubes, trains and buses which I surprisingly enjoyed! On our last day we finally made our way out to Somerset House where the London Fashion Weekend was being held. Doors to the event opened at 11am so we had to be there sharp to get in quickly. The event was extremely busy, and queuing in minus temperatures was not a highlight of the day. Although it did have some perks as I was approached by a blogger for Chic and Seek who wanted to photograph my Mulberry bag. This made me a very happy chappy for the rest of the day!

The show was a brilliant success and it was amazing to get a recap on all of the Spring/Summer looks which are beginning to hit the high street. 

I am so terribly missing it now that we have arrived back to Aberdeen. And cannot wait for my next visit, which I am already planning for sometime in the upcoming Summer. During out time in London my lovely flatmate Regan filmed our experience and made a little movie of it. If you haven't seen it or would just like to check it out you can view it here.

Hope you guys enjoy it.
Blog soon little ones!

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