Christmas Holidays

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas Holidays. 

Although I have had a little of a break for the Christmas and New Year period the weeks before proved difficult. Dead line upon deadline has been on my mind, making sure that everything is spelt correctly or it's referenced properly - which is highly likely to be the most time consuming part of the whole process. And as the holiday season has been around I find myself back in my hometown cosied up with the warmth of my central heating and fireplace. Unfortunately my time off has been cut short and yet again I find myself doing coursework for when I head back to Uni. 

Although my time has finished for writing blogs as coursework, I feel as though this actually is a great way to express my thoughts. Not only on the fashion industry and its many wonders but with anything else that takes my fancy. Although shopping is probably the only thing that really grabs my attention fully. And with the festive period in full swing you can be sure that my bank card has been taking a few fair hits. However Santa did visit and brought me a fair few goodies...

Among these include nail varnish, perfume, Topshop vouchers, socks, candles, a watch and a jade Buddha. Not only this but in true fashion student style I also got a few books on designing as well as a mega cool Alexander McQueen book showcasing all his work. In love doesn't even cover it. What makes it even more amazing - if that is even possible - is the monogram on the cover of the book changing from his face into a skull. 
But for the piece du resistance I am now the proud owner of a Tan Leather MULBERRY! My love for this bag is unbelievable, and will be a style staple in my wardrobe for life. As you can see I am already implementing it into my everyday wardrobe. 
Jeans and Top - Topshop, Belt - Zara, Necklace - Primark and Bag - Mulberry.  
I can tell this bag will be well used and loved for a long time, and pennies are already being saved to save up for my next splurge in the designer shop. 

Hope to hear from you all.
Blog soon little ones! 

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