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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So for those of you who know me well, you will have realised I'm a rather big lover of jewellery. I go nowhere without my favourite silver ring or a pendant around my neck. 

I find myself whilst shopping always being drawn to the jewellery stand, before having to finally tear myself away. Rings are especially one of my downfalls. I just can not resist a turquoise coloured one. It's really beginning to become a problem, but for me I find it a way to express myself, I can't always afford the latest new trend but I can update an old one with a brand new accessory for a lot cheaper. Saving some cash for the things us students really need - food.

It may sounds a little mad, but I have a few items I hardly ever take off unless necessary. These being my silver nail ring, toe ring and my pendant. 

The silver ring has to be my favourite of all the jewellery I own because it was once my mums before I 'borrowed' it. It lives on my ring finger on my left hand, and I have worn it continuously for the last three/four years. I find living away from home hard sometimes so it is nice to have a little reminder of something familiar now and again. 

My toe ring, I've been wearing for years also. I think while I was on holiday in Spain I saw a model like girl wearing one and instantly wanted to have one too - following the pack, and I've just never taken it off since. It has been so long ago since I bought the ring that I couldn't tell you where it is from. Most likely a unique stall in a market. 

Currently I am wearing a different pendant than the one shown below. However the one I am wearing was given to me from my granny on my 18th birthday. I tend to inherit majority of the jewellery I love the most. Currently it is a silver chain with a Celtic symbol. But the one you see below was also a birthday present I was given years ago. It is my favourite of all the necklaces I own just for the sheer simplicity. The necklace itself is silver with a rare blue Jade stone. Being born in the month of November my birthstone is that of Jade, although I had only ever seen the green coloured stones.  I unfortunately hardly ever wear this any more as it is at home in Edinburgh.   

The jewellery I own has become a part of my life, and I love adding to my collections. I'd love to hear if you have any trinkets you always wear too.

Blog soon little ones!

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