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Sunday, 25 November 2012

So I have been looking for a new winter coat for a while which is unlike those to the ones I previously own, these being a beige cape and a green quilted jacket. 

This being considered I scoured the classic stores such as Topshop, River Island, Zara and even ventured into Marks and Spencer - I know this is still considered as an "older" store but some of the collections are actually more fashionable than some of the famous high street ones! 

With my recent eBay obsession once again appearing I have been spending a large amount of my down time searching the site.  And to no avail I have come across this lovely little number.

Superdry is a brand which I have previously owned but not necessarily considered buying a winter jacket from. 

The jacket classes itself as:

"Women's Superdry Safari Wax Mac Jacket in Gentry Green with trademark double collar, double breasted zip and button fastening, check and corduroy lining, double outer pockets, rear vent and double narrow strap belts with a wax finish"

Although the jacket is stated as 'gentry green' it is in fact a dark brown. With myself being a rather taller than average woman I do find arm length a problem when purchasing long sleeved items. Without sounding too much like Goldilocks the length of this jacket in all aspects was just right! 

Even more of an incentive to buy (not that I really needed one) was that this gorgeous garment had £90 off! And only coming to the reasonable price of £54.99. I know you may think that because it has come from eBay that it will be used or even damaged, but it's in brand new condition from the Superdry outlet on the site. 

If anything is to be learned from this, it's to get yourself on eBay and check prices before elsewhere - you might just save yourself a fortune. Enjoy.

Blog soon little ones! 

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