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Monday, 5 November 2012

The Photo Shoot Is Finished!

Turns out the early morning start of 8.30 really did pay off. 
And as promised here is a sneaky wee peak.. 

We started the shoot in the gorgeous "Humbug" sweets shop in the Rosemount area. The employee was brilliant, opened the shop up an hour early for us to come in so we would have time to really set everything up the way we wanted. So a huge thank you is due, as well as to the shop owner itself. 

The model and the photographer were also fabulous and were willing to do everything we suggested, as well as having their own insight and tips on what we could improve on. 

The second location we chose was situated at an old abandoned cottage just outside of the city. It boasted acres of land and a picturesque landscape where we were spoiled for choice for photographs! 

In typical Scottish weather it proved to be freezing! And hot water bottles were definitely needed to keep the photographer and the model warm whilst we were shooting. 

It's safe to say the whole project would not have run so smoothly without the amazing Morven MacSween. With her incredible modelling experience she was able to direct Jan (our model) to every beautiful and effortless pose we aspired to have. 

Although it is down to everyone that we have been able to pull this whole mammoth task off! From sourcing the clothes, to travelling to each location, all members have proved worthy. And it is with this I would like to once again say a huge thank you to all involved. 

Blog soon little ones.

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