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Monday, 5 November 2012

eBay Is My New Best Friend...

So it is safe to say my love for the online marketplace eBay has once again returned. It did for a while diminish over the past previous years with the rise of fast fashion retailers like Primark becoming much more readily available. Meaning you could get a product equally as cheap and not have to wait such long periods of time for it to finally arrive through the door. 

Recently my love for expensive handbags has made a drastic turn for the worst. And I am obsessed with brands such as Mulberry, Prada and Michael Kors which I am dying to get my hands on. This is brilliant on the eye, however devastating on my purse and bank account. But with Christmas right around the corner my wishes might just come true...

My recent purchases include two lovely handbags, both under £20 and a more unexciting printer cable. 

Although it does look black in the picture it is in fact navy. This bag I bought because the one I currently use for University does not have a closed top, and with the purchase of my brand new iPad I didn't want to risk it's safety. With postage and packing being free this bag only came to £8.95, a bargain if I don't say so myself!

Now I really had no need to buy this bag, other than pure want and greed - but is that not why we make most of our purchases? I don't own a lot of black bags and I felt this would be the type of bag which could be a classic piece, used time and time again because it pretty much goes with everything. In total with postage and packaging combined this gorgeous bag only cost me £14.

I've used eBay for around four years and would really recommend it to anyone that hasn't tried it before. Although there can be some things you would rather avoid, there can also be a few rare gems which can really make it worth your while. Let me know if you find something great too!

Blog soon little ones!

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