Advertising Communication

Sunday, 11 November 2012

So with the reading week finally upon us it has given me the perfect opportunity to head back to my hometown, Edinburgh. Due to my flat still not having a steady Internet connection this proved the most sensible option to finally get my Advertising Communication coursework finished. 

With this report being the first to complete since coming back to uni, it all did feel a bit daunting! But as I start to write - may it be very rusty writing - the flow does start to come back to me. 

Writing an advertising campaign for shampoo and conditioner does seem like a interesting and unusual task for a fashion business student. However it has proved very knowledgable researching this as well as good practising for using such applications like Mintel and Keynote. 

Although being at home also brings its down falls, like sky movies running all of the Harry Potter films back to back, which I somehow managed to blag my way into watching them all. But don't worry I did however still manage to get a large amount of the report now and just away to hopefully finish the last few hundred words of it. 

Referencing will be the death of me though. So I wish you all luck if you have this report to write or just any where you have to unfortunately use the Harvard referencing system! 

Blog soon little ones.

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