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Monday, 22 October 2012

Fashion Communication: 

So as a task in the fabulous world of fashion management this past week our lovely little tutorial group have been considering names for our fashion magazine which will soon be produced. Firstly we looked at the current top brand leaders such as Vogue and Elle and researched the meaning behind their names as well as the connotations of the words. 

It revealed that Vogue literally meant 'in fashion' - which seems quite fitting for a fashion magazine, no? This therefore sets an extremely high bar at which we must measure up to. It is a rather daunting task to say the least.  

Fashion is a highly desirably market, so it is only fitting that many of the possible names that the class discussed did have a certain sex appeal to them. Such words like magnetism and allure really emphasize this. But these names can also go a little too far, and we wanted to remain classy than become too promiscuous. 

Among the many titles that I personally like concluded of words such as Integrity and Infatuation - something that really has a lot of substance and really appeals to a strong and independent reader. I loved the idea that the name of the magazine would really pack-a-punch, yet describe the intended target market (fashionable, young, prospective students) effectively and swiftly. This being said the title needs to be short and sweet enough to really remember it. As well as actually fitting on to the cover of the magazine. 

Fashion Photo Shoot:

So in other news, our fashion shoot for the magazine has taken a drastic jump into the right direction. Clothes have been gathered, outfits have been put together and photographers have been emailed. All guns are blazing and we are set to go this Thursday (25/10)! Our first location is a gorgeous vintage styled sweets shop located in the Rosemount area.  

If you are ever in Aberdeen I highly recommend you visit "Humbug" as its decor and staff are super lovely and helpful, not to mention the sweets are to die for. But seriously, you need to try it out, you'll become addicted like I am.

The shop, as said, is in a vintage style with all of its sweets in hundreds of glass jars all around the store. This gives it such a warm and homely feel to the store which we loved and wanted to capture in out modern heritage themed photo shoot. There will be many pictures of this to come in the following days after the shoot to give you a little taster of what is to come.

Blog soon little ones!

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