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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Is It Better To Splash Your Cash? Or Save For A Rainy Day?

This age old question has come to light for myself in the last few weeks. Disposable income is not exactly at its highest for a student like myself, and saving is a concept which one has not quite learned the terms of, so this poses the question, do you save and splurge on something expensive? Or is spending little amounts on cheaper items more effective?

The pressures of looking like a "fashion student" really do not help this situation. There is a stigma that if you are studying fashion you should look exactly like a model and in a course which is filled with like mind pupils judging your every move and more importantly every outfit, it can be a very stressful situation just deciding what to wear in the early mornings - never mind getting to University and finding classes!

Lots of individual items means more garments for your money, however, cheap usually means skimping in the quality department to be able to afford these lower prices. More clothes equals more outfits fellow classmates have not seen before, which in turn I believe makes you feel a little bit better about yourself. The thrill of wearing that new top or those new shoes only last a few wears then it becomes something everyone has seen a million times before and we begin to tire of it. I belong to a generation who have grown up with "fast fashion" and we demand it much faster than we should.  

But wouldn't you rather have a Mulberry bag on your arm than say.. one from Topshop? 

So this question - at least for myself - will battle on. But if anyone is feeling generous in the mean time this Mulberry Effie Hobo Bag would look stunning sitting on my arm - shame the price tag is £575...  

Although anything Mulberry right now I am in love with especially this Oversized Zig Zag bag which has an even heftier tag of £2000. 

Blog soon little ones!


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