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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fashion Blogging 101

So as first year is really kicking off the stage two 'fash pack' have been set with the task of creating our own fashion spread to be entered into our very own fashion magazine as well as this stumbling onto the wonderful world of blogging. So here it goes I guess...

Tutorial groups have been prepped and we have all made our way into small teams to really get the ball rolling. Currently I have had the fabulous pleasure to be placed in a group with the lovely Regan Kyle, Martin Masson and Morven MacSween.  Please take time out of your busy schedules to have a wee look at their blogs as they all work tremendously hard on them. And they are all fabulous. 

 Today our selected teams have been dealt out first year photographers from the Aberdeen College. This is a great opportunity for both our year and theirs to work together and make some new contacts which could prove very useful in later years.

This project really gets me so excited as when I was choosing what I wanted to do with my life in the last year of my secondary school I knew it was either something in fashion or photography. I am really interested in the way shots are taken and how they can be made so beautiful with the simple of filters or light change.  

A very own picture of mine taken at North Berwick Beach, Edinburgh

I wish that I could wow you every day with the wonderful exciting life I hope to eventually hold - just like an episode of "Sex and the City", but in this current moment I am a student just trying to make her way through the year. I love fashion although I wouldn't exactly call myself fashionable! Jeans and a tee are my kind of thing, don't get me wrong if I had the money I'd be head to toe in the latest and best trends I could get my hands on, but the simple fact is you have to work with what you have and strive for better. 

So this blog is really going to be a document of my struggle to get to where I would like to be in life. My very own online diary which you lot can choose to follow or ignore. I aim to post updates of what I am focusing on in the wonderful world of Fashion Communication at RGU and maybe some "what I am wearing" photos - showing that you don't always have to look pristine to be interested in fashion. Natural is good too. 

Comments are always welcome and please go easy on me! At least for the start anyway... 
Blog soon little ones! 

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