To dip or dye?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

So dip dying hair has been the latest crave currently taking over the Tumblr empire.  And as I am in a fashion course it seems as though everyone has caught the dip dye bug. 

I adore this new trend and really want to try it out, but unfortunately I live up to the skint student repuation. Although if I did manage to save some pennies this is what I've always wanted. I love Rachel Bilson. I think she looks gorgeous with her hair like this, and totally pulls off the craze with effortless style. 

It is not only dark to light gradients which are in style, the even more daring fever which has been introduced is colour tinting roots. Personally I love this idea too and if I didn't have a part time job which limits the colour and outrageous-ness of the hair you can keep, I would dive straight into this. 

Blog soon little ones.

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